(Written by E. N. Cuire)

Although American born, E. N. Cuire spent his formative years in several European countries including Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland.

During the late 1950’s a television series starting airing in England that was to change his life.

That show was “THE AVENGERS”, with the fabulous leather clad and booted Honor Blackman (Who was later replaced by Diana Rigg). He was hooked by images he then started consigning to paper and started developing his self-taught skills.

Europe took to “THE AVENGERS” and much of the English fashion style went toward leathers and a material called `Leatherette’ while boots became the favored footwear of those Women who could afford the prices. Most were the young Actress and Model crowd living around Belgravia and Chelsea and it’s center, Sloan Square. These Ladies were dubbed `The Sloan Rangers’.

Working in Rome in 1960, Cuire found some adult books at a book kiosk on the Via Veneto and the covers jumped out at him as being the self same type of images he was working to create. He bought as many of those books as he could, just keeping the covers during the next few years of his travels. He would later find out this artist’s name. Eric Stanton. Eric was never credited in the books.

It was years later that Cuire saw works by Stanton again. In a book store in California. In a magazine put out by Gene (Eneg) Bilbrew. The subject was Eric Stanton’s “BLUNDER BROAD” and Cuire knew he had to own more of the images created by this Man. Through an ad in that same magazine, Cuire purchased a catalog called THE STANTON ARCHIVES and, after enhancing his collection of Stanton material, decided to write to Stanton. In that letter, he told Eric that he, Cuire, produced the kind of images that Eric produced but not nearly as well. Eric invited Cuire to send some of his work and a friendship sprang up that was to last until Eric’s untimely passing in March 1999. Over ten years when Cuire became only the second artist to ink the Master and one of only a handful who was invited to produce work in association with the Master. Cuire created GALAXEENA which Eric helped to flesh out and continued BLUNDER BROAD on a promise to Eric made during Eric’s final days.

Cuire considers himself mostly retired from the Entertainment Industry today so that he can pursue his artwork and produce articles for FETISH REALM and RUBBERTIME magazine. His works have appeared in magazines like REFLECTIONS, RUBBERIST, DRESSING FOR PLEASURE, <<O>>, TWILIGHT, FER ROUGE, KINKY BOOTS, LEATHER OBSESSION, KINKY and DFP/RUBBERIST SPECIAL. He has also illustrated three bondage books from England in addition to having eight STANTOONS he created by himself and ten he drew with Eric Stanton.

He is also a writer, novelist and photographer.


It is an honor being friends with E. N. Cuire. Busy as he is, he will go out of his way to help you in any way he can. I’ve published his works many times in “REFLECTIONS” magazine over the years. He has his own style, bringing his Superheroines to life. (You ought to see his REAL Superheroine!)
E. N. Cuire can be reached care of ACS Publications at 10641 Stagg Street, Sun Valley, California 91352, USA. Commissions are subject of discussion and he usually works on an 11x14 format, never smaller anymore due to the ol’ eyesight not being what it used to be. He also likes to get lots of detail in a piece when he can.

If you like the Superheroine genre, log on to www.amazing-amazon.com. That site will lead you to www.shib.com (Superheroines in Bondage).