About the House of Gord

The House of Gord was founded in 1990 on a Welsh mountaintop by author and bondage Master extraordinaire Jefferson Lloyd Gord.   An avid bondage enthusiast and fan of bondage literature, magazines and videos, Gord felt frustrated by the rampant lack of integrity in this erotic medium. He started writing for the simple reason that he wanted decent bondage literature available to others like himself. Gord has been heavily influenced by a few exceptional artists and writers in the bondage field. Specifically, the legendary John Willie, Eric Stanton, Bob Bishop, and author F. E. Campbell. He has also always loved and admired the work of bondage diva Fiona, as seen in the classic British videotapes.

From 1989 through 1992, Gord wrote several stories that were released by other publishing companies. From 1990 through 1995, Gord released eighteen new titles and three magazines through his own privately owned publishing company, HG Publications. During this fruitful period Gord's company also released books written by Orion, JG-Leathers and Sadie.

In 1995, deciding to move the company to America following an obscenity trial in UK brought against Gord by British Customs, Gord formed a US-based distribution company, HG-Orion, with an American partner. Eight additional titles were released during this period. Most of these eight books had been written by Gord in the period from 1990 - 1994, including some of his earlier works that were originally released through Stag Publications.

Alas, the partnership of HG-Orion was a troubled one with Gord and his new partner seeming to operate at cross-purposes. The company ceased to operate in March 1998, and Gord formed a new US corporation, H.G.P. International, Inc.   Simultaneously, Gord launched www.houseofgord.com, an electronic version of the famous Fantasy of Gord magazines.

H.G.P. International, Inc. is now the official distributor for the House of Gord books.  There are now 34 House of Gord books in print. You need look no further than www.gordbooks.com to find the latest releases by Gord and his merry band of bondage bards.

If it’s photographs you’re looking for, www.houseofgord.com, the home of ultra bondage, is the place for you.  The House of Gord website is updated several times a month and now features over 2000 original bondage photographs, dozens of stories, original graphic illustrations by Benson, Stargraves and Locklan, how-to tips, behind the scenes articles, editorials by the models and an extensive listing of web links.

Reb’s Notes on “House of Gord”

            A cooler bunch of “kinky people” you’ll never meet! Their bondage presentations are like nothing you’ve ever seen…whether it be the Pony Girl pulling a Pony Cart, the Mummy Box or Suspended Cage…it will be executed with pure bondage excellence!

            I’ve known many of the “Gord Bunch” for years…and now they have some more new beautiful faces. The first thing I noticed about the Gord women is they are always smiling…made me wonder if there weren’t vibrators humming away in those chastity devices they “must” be wearing…

            They have a magnificent line of story/illustrated books…so you want to have a look at their website and order the books for your own collection and reading pleasure.

            As they publish more Gord books I will be able to add more art images into the various Gord Galleries.

            Thanks, Gord Gals & Guys!!