Bienvenue! Mesdames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you welcome and invite you to my galleri.

Pay heed to these words: The Marquis de Panasewicz, artist/illustrator, graphic designer and photographer creates images for all genre’s and all reasons; from mainstream Americana to exotically sensual explicit creations. Images in full color, black and white, pen and ink, airbrush, oil paintings and murals. The Marquis seeks commissions from the libertine consecrare’ and connoisseur collector of erotica in fine art and portrait and scene creations. Whatever your mind can conjure, I can paint, draw and create; Fine art for your collection, Commercial art for your organization, Fantastic art for your imagination

Just once in every two hundred years or so does an artist appear on this planet whose work defiantly challenges the mainstream and conventionally accepted stereotypical and comfortable images forced upon a society. The creations of the Marquis de Panasewicz, unlike those of his peers, are thought provoking; conjuring images of the secret yearnings of your heart and distant visions of your mind – the things yet to be – or shadows of things past and all but forgotten. Paper, canvas, panel and unyielding wall will come alive with the visions of your mind; the yearnings of your heart, and the most secret desires of your soul.


Now this man is a trip! Impossible to admire his artwork without your mind fantasizing about “something!” Besides being a great artist, the Marquis is enjoyable to know as a person as well.

Marvelous intelligence and a great writer…his artistic talent is not limited to Erotica. There isn’t anything he can’t create…his `faces’ are incredible. You can `feel’ the wrinkles in an old, weather-beaten face. The detail of his articulated steam locomotives gives the initial impression that you are looking at a photograph! I couldn’t believe the `fineness’ of his work. (And like myself, he’s into model railroads big-time as well!)

The “Marquis” has also had an art album published by “Select International” in The Netherlands, “The Art of Marquis de Panasewicz”. The book is finely printed on good quality stock. Best to order now, as he has a very limited supply. Each copy is numbered and originally autographed by the Marquis. Price is $45 + $9 postage in the U.S.A. Overseas postage add $25 for Air Mail.

The “Marquis” also has over 100 original erotic artworks available for purchase.

Take a mind-blowing tour of The Marquis’ website…

You can email him at:

      Snail mail:       The Marquis de Panasewicz

                            PO Box 15991

                            Las Vegas, NV 89114 U.S.A.

The Marquis accepts commissions and assignments from individuals and business. All artworks are copyright ã the Marquis de Panasewicz, with all rights reserved and not to be used in any format whatsoever including virtual, without the expressed written permission of the artist; artworks appear here by permission.