John Willie

John Willie (John Alexander Scott Coutts) was born in Singapore on December 9, 1902. Educated in England, he published the bulk of his work in the United States. He died on August 5, 1962, in Catel, Guernsey (Channel Isles, Great Britain).

Most of Coutts’s art he published himself in his own magazine, “Bizarre” (1946-1959). This ran for 26 issues, although Coutts published only the first 20 issues himself. Issues #21-#26 (1957-59) were not published by Coutts, but by R.E.B., a friend to whom Coutts sold the magazine in 1956.

Cartoon Serials by John Willie…

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This is a very abbreviated biography of John Willie obtained from “The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline” (1974).

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