Poser Gals in Trouble

**Reb’s notes…

Tho he says his traditional artistic skills are limited, his Computer graphic skills are incredible! I know just enough about Poser graphics to realize how much talent and experience is required to produce images this realistic.  Hopefully he will be able to send us more of his erotic creations as more pieces are complete.

Bio follows:

My first brush with the damsel in distress concept was watching TV series such as The Man From U.N.C.L.E and The Avengers. I realised that my favourite episodes were invariably the ones where the heroine got tied up. Because it wasTV, of course she was eventually set free by the hero, or she managed to struggle free herself.

The only trouble was, there wasn't enough tying up on TV, and some of the magazines I found weren't to my taste. So I started drawing my own damsel in distress images; however my traditional artistic skills are limited, and the drawings had to go when I got married and started a family.

Fortunately I discovered computer graphics, in particular the Poser program, which enables you to manipulate 3D virtual figures and produce rendered 2D images from them. You can see some of these images here, and more on my site Poser Girls In Trouble at