Sasha M.

Greetings, My name is Sasha M. and as you can see from the 'self portrait', which is the regulation uniform I wear when creating.  Usually I'm not that well bound, mostly I wear a gag when illustrating these works.  Materials primarily used are: graphite, prismacolor, pen & ink.

My faves and influences come from Alazar, HOM, TAO prods, 70’s Detective bondage covers, and vintage lingerie ads - especially those quirky 'Maidenform dream' ads. I have an ever-growing collection of vintage lingerie, lingerie ads, and vintage bra boxes.

Some home-made publications or zines that I created and sold are Underliners (a zine about lingerie history and news), Sasha's Spandex Zone and Sashaform, which are digest sized portfolios of lingerie drawings. Some publications that have published my work are T-Connection and Transformation.

Thanks to the internet, I discovered that there are like-minded individuals which encourage me to go public with my work. Before, I felt ashamed about showing my drawings that I ended up stockpiling completed as well as unfinished works.

I sell my pictures on ebay under the seller name of sashaform. If anyone likes my work and would like a drawing drop me a line at:  

I try to start reasonably priced but once I gain a cult following I don't know what I can promise.

Some more of my works can be viewed at Yahoo Clubs Rogeo's World 3, The Ultimate Bra Pics Club, and

Thanks for visiting and happy viewing!

            -- Sasha M.


Reb’s Notes on “Sasha M.”  

Another marvelous artist has discovered “rebsart”, and I was thrilled when “Sasha M” asked if it was possible to have her own Gallery. I think you will like her style, and she is ready to accept commissions. Send her an email so she can create something special for you. I hope she can send more art in the near future.